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On average, children involved with music classes have a higher graduation rate of 90%. Students not involved with music have a graduation rate of 73%.

McGill University, 2007

frequently asked questions

What is a good age to introduce music lessons?

We offer a wide variety of classes for all ages and skill levels. Typically a child can begin piano as early as 4 to 5 years old as long as they know their ABCs and 123s. Children in this age range are highly encouraged to participate in the “Kids On Keys” class.

Are we able to try a lesson before committing to monthly tuition?

Yes. We offer one-time trial lessons or pay as you go options.

Do you offer workshops or master classes?

Yes. Times and class events vary through out the year. Stay tuned to our Facebook page.

How often do we meet and how long are the lessons?

Private and group lessons meet once a week. The length of lessons can vary. We offer private lessons in 30, 45 and 60 minute time slots. Group lessons are 45 mins long and run across 8 weeks.

Do you hold performances?

Yes. At Musical Owl we believe that performances are a key component in a student’s musical development. We hold two annual recitals (Spring and Winter), and host Student Feature Showcases.

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